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Best dog toys for Yorkies

Owning a Yorkshire Terrier puppy is a joyous experience, regardless of the breed’s notoriously overprotective and territorial temperament. These tiny fellas are actually quite devoted to their pet parents and all they ask in return is some love and affection.

Unfortunately, they do have quite sensitive digestive systems and can easily get injured while performing jumps. Thus, playing with them can be a bit tricky if you don’t have proper dog toys for Yorkshire Terriers.

What are the best dog toys for Yorkies?

For the sake of simplifying things, let’s put it this way – the most appropriate toy for the Yorkshire Terrier is the soft toy. It needs to be extremely lightweight because these puppies can’t pick up heavy toys unlike their larger canine counterparts. The toy also needs to be small and soft to the touch so that it won’t damage the puppy’s teeth. Yorkies have a long history of dental problems like most small canine breeds. As such, hard and heavy toys can severely damage their pearly whites.

Small Ping-Pong balls

Playful YorkieSmall Ping-Pong balls are a better fit for Yorkies than tennis balls. Small rubber balls, ropes and other chewable toys are also suitable for these pups as long as they have smaller sections, which the Yorkie can bite down with ease with its tiny jaw.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys like teddy bears are also good toys for Yorkies. This breed easily becomes attached to its pet parent and as such, soft, comforting toys like stuffed animals are a necessity for them when they’re left home alone. The cuddly, plush toys need to be lightweight so that the puppy won’t have troubles when picking it up and carrying it around.

Dog Puzzle toys

Yorkies love dog puzzle toys. If this easily trainable breed gets bored and wants something new to play with, interactive puzzles (especially the ones in which you can hide treats) will keep the Yorkie well-entertained at all times.

Squeaky toys for Yorkies

Playing Yorkie with a tennis ballAnother must-have option for Yorkshire Terrier owners are the squeaky toys. If it’s small, interactive and produces sounds, the Yorkie will love it. These canines are quite curious and active.

Thus, they’ll need something to occupy their attention and to help them blow off the excessive energy. In such cases the squeaky toys will come in handy.

What toys aren’t good for Yorkies?

Yorkshire Terriers are a common toy-dog breed, but they are quite different from other small dog breeds. Due to the health problems related to their teeth, legs and digestive system, there are many types of toys, which may pose danger to your Yorkie.

Dangling toys fall under the category of unsuitable toys for these canines. While the dog’s curious temperament will make it want to jump and bite the toy, these actions will eventually harm the puppy. That’s one of the reasons Tug-of-war isn’t a suitable game for Yorkshire Terriers.

The edible chewable toys are also dangerous for this tiny breed. The Yorkie’s extremely sensitive stomach doesn’t react well to foreign bodies. Edible chewable bones like Rawhide may result in indigestion and other health issues.

Bulky and hard toys are absolutely out of the question. Many owners make the mistake of relying on massive, heavy and sturdy toys so their dogs won’t tear them apart or chew some part off, but the Yorkie’s tiny body structure and problematic teeth aren’t made for such toys.

Yorkshire Terriers are loyal, affectionate, playful and susceptible to training. As such, they are suitable companions for lone owners, as well as for families with children. Unfortunately, due to the numerous health risks of these canines, not all puppy toys are safe for them. If you’re having suspicions about purchasing a new item for your Yorkie, consult with a vet and check the label to make sure there are no harmful toxins, chemicals and choking hazards.

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