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Definitive Guide To The Best Toys For Dogs

Each dog is unique on its own, but every dog out there needs toys, regardless of its age, breed or size. Young pups need physical exercise, stimulation on a mental level and daily entertainment just like their senior counterparts do.

The best dog toys on the market not only provide amusement options, but they also aid the canine in a vast variety of ways. Dog toys can be used for training purposes, bonding time with the pet parents, curing destructive behavior, soothing anxiety, exercising muscles, and so forth.

Types of dog toys

Dalmatian puppy with a tennis ballThere are various types of dog toys. Depending on the needs and purposes they have to fulfill, dog toys can be chewable, interactive, stimulating, distracting, comforting and even training. Some of them simply offer entertainment, others exercise dogs on physical and mental level, and then there are also those types, which are quite healthy and efficient in terms of coping with dental problems, destructive behavior or separation-induced anxiety.


Which toys are the best toys for dogs and most importantly – for your own canine pal? Truth be told, the best choice you can make is to purchase toys from each type.

Of course, not all dog toys are suitable for every single canine out there. You’ll need to take into consideration your pet’s size, breed, age and all of the activities, which you want or need a particular toy to offer.

Best toys for small dogs

Dogs playing frisbee on the beachSmall dog breeds don’t require much. They don’t need a plethora of plush animals to comfort them. Moreover, you don’t have to get them big ball toys because their jaws are small enough to not go all around the balls, thus eliminating the chances of swallowing the toys. As such, even standard-sized tennis balls are a great fit for smaller canine breeds.



The best puppy toys for small dogs are without a doubt the dental toys. Dental toys massage the gums, help with the teething process and keep the pup’s attention away from the idea of chewing on your furniture or clothing. The best chew toys for small dogs range from interactive rubber toys to plain bully sticks.

Small squeaky toys do wonders for entertaining and exercising small dogs due to the noises they produce, which stimulate the puppies’ senses. Apart from offering fun play sessions, they are also ideal for boosting any canine’s mental and physical performance.

Best big dog toys

Large dog breeds have different exercising requirements than smaller breeds. If you’re residing in a house or apartment that’s not spacious enough and you have a big dog, it will need lots of activity options. This means it will need a plethora of interactive dog toys.

The best large dog toys are the interactive dangling toys. Most of them mimic the Tug-of-war game and while they can never fully replace a real-life player, these toys are actually ideal for exercising the dog’s jumping skills, leg muscles and bite force.

Frisbees are good toys for big dogs for the very same reasons. Ropes are also a suitable option. Tennis balls can be dangerous for bigger breeds as their jaws can easily go around the ball and the pup might try to swallow it. On the other hand, beach balls and volleyballs are a better fit for larger canines.

The best chew toys for big dogs should be heavyweight, thick and made out of durable materials. As the dog progresses in age and becomes older, it should play with softer chew toys in order to avoid harm to its teeth. Flossy ropes, big rubber chews and bones are best suited for your large canine pal.

Best toys for bored dogs

Golden wants to play tennisBoredom is a dangerous issue for many domesticated dogs all over the world. It often leads to obesity, which in return can have fatal outcomes on a health-based level. Boredom is also responsible for destructive behavior.




Interactive dog toys are the best toys for bored dogs. The popular Kong toys, for example, are a classic way to fight off boredom and to manage weight-based problems.

Squeaking balls and other similar toys, which produce noisy sounds, are substantial enough to prevent boredom. The unfamiliar noises of the squeaking toys alert the dog and trigger its interest. As such, they prevent it from getting lazy, feeling dull and becoming inactive.

Dangling and bouncing toys will easily catch any dog’s attention. As long as they feature some movement, they’ll focus its attention away from the weary mood and towards a fun play session. The best interactive toys for dogs don’t necessarily cost a fortune. They just need to produce some sounds, movements or spill hidden prize contents in order to spark the canine’s interest.

Best dog toys for mental stimulation

Training toys are not only a great mental stimulation for your pup, but they also help the doggie learn what it should chew on and what it shouldn’t. When it comes to learning toys for dogs, it doesn’t matter if you own a young pup, an adult one or a senior dog. Canines of all ages need to be physically and mentally exercised.

Treat dispensing toys, often in the form of puzzles, efficiently boost dog brain activity. Ideal for all breeds and ages, treat dispensing toys are the best way to stimulate canines mentally as the hidden treats offer a rewarding experience for young and older dogs alike.

Scented hunting dummies are among the best types of creative dog toys on the market. They can be used both indoors and outside for training the inborn hunting instincts. Moreover, they also come in handy when your puppy needs physical exercising.

Lastly, food mazes are undeniably effective when it comes to mental stimulation. Canines of all breeds and ages will get a big kick out of food mazes. They make the pup work for its treat while exercising its sense of smell, direction and touch. The excitement of finding the prize and the feeling of self-satisfaction are just a bonus.

Safe dog toys

Small Maltese puppy wants to playSafety should always come as your priority when purchasing dog toys. Most plush or stuffed animal toys have choking hazards. Chewing a button-nose or a plastic eyeball off the toy and swallowing it poses severe health risks.

Healthy dog chew toys are a necessity for every pet parent out there. Edible chews like bones and knots are safe dog toys, which not only relieve anxiety and fight off boredom, but they also ease up the teething process.

Bully sticks are not only safe, but also particularly yummy for some dogs. And while they aren’t to everybody’s liking, they are actually pretty good teeth toys for massaging gums, strengthening the bite and occupying the dog’s attention.

Rope chew toys are safe only if you happen to own a dog, which isn’t a chronic destroyer that loves to chew through anything. They are safe for some nibbling every now and then and for playing Tug-of-war or fetch.

Lastly, some pet supply manufacturers offer various rubber dog toys, which are made out of special non-toxic rubber material. It safely disintegrates in your pup’s organism without blocking its digestive system. These rubber toys are among the safest dog toys you’ll ever find, but they don’t come cheap.

When purchasing dog toys, make sure they’re well-suited for your canine pal’s size and age. Opt for softer toys if you have a senior dog so they won’t harm its teeth. Stay away from items that pose risks of choking hazard. Check the label for any chemicals and toxins that could endanger your pet’s health. And lastly, if you’re having any doubts, consult with a reputable vet on what types of toys will be most suitable for your own canine pet.

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