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Best dog toys for Yorkies

Owning a Yorkshire Terrier puppy is a joyous experience, regardless of the breed’s notoriously overprotective and territorial temperament. These tiny fellas are actually quite devoted to their pet parents and all they ask in return is some love and affection. Read More »

How to exercise your Bernese mountain dog

Bernese mountain dogs are among one of the most stunning representatives of the canine species with their thick, soft fur and tri-colored coat. They are loyal, affectionate, friendly with kids, and easy to train. No wonder, they are so popular nowadays. Read More »

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

  One of the most popular dogs in the USA is the Yorkshire Terrier. His vision and his character make it one of the best companions for lonely people. The Yorkshire Terrier is a brave, energetic, and lovely dog. It may lay on your lap pretending that it’s sleeping, but in the next minute it starts barking because of a ... Read More »

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a very interesting dog. The owners of dogs of that breed can understand what I mean. It’s the best dog if you want a friend, if you want someone to make you laugh, or if you want to go out in the rain. That dog has a small size. It makes it perfect for small ... Read More »



One of the smallest breeds of dogs is the Pinscher. The name of the breed comes from a German word . In the English, the name is the same, Pincher. That dog is known as “The King of the Toys”. The way it looks is both funny and dangerous. If you live in a small apartment, getting a Pincher will ... Read More »

Miniature American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo

The Miniature American Eskimo Dog is known as a dog with its own opinion. It’s not so popular, but not because people don’t like it. It’s still one of the most expensive breeds of dogs. Not everyone can afford to have an Eskimo. However, that dog is very beautiful, playful, and a good companion. Its size is small and that ... Read More »