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Celebrities and Their Dogs

Paris Hilton with her small puppiesWho said dogs are only for lonely people? In the last few years, we started to see all kinds of pets on the pages of magazines. And they are not alone. Usually they are caught by the photographers with their famous celebrity owners. You may not believe it but celebrities can feel lonely,too. They are people like us and some have a soft spot in their hearts for their pets. Many of them have taken a part against animal cruelty and some celebrities have even created their own organizations. One popular actor, Ian Somerhalder, created a foundation for helping animals and especially dogs. You may not know this, but, in the house of almost every celebrity there lives at least one four legged, barking friend.

Drew Barrymore is a proud owner of a rescue dog and the interesting fact here is that her dog saved her life. When looking at the photographs on the Internet and in magazines, we could safely say that she loves dogs. In fact, she created an organization for adopting dogs, which tells us much about her. Is there a woman who doesn’t know who Ben Affleck is? The actor says that he always wanted to have a dog, but his parents didn’t allow it. Well, today he is a proud owner of 5 dogs. The famous singer, Shania Twain, will not go on any tour without her German Shepherd. That’s why she purchased a special dog door for her tour bus. There is everything her pet would need for the long tours. Sandra Bullock is not just a great actress, she is also a great person. She adopted a dog. Not a purebred, but a Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix. Sandra’s dog is special, it only has 3 legs.

Obviously, she loves her dog so much she got him a friend. It’s another Chihuahua with only 2 legs! And do you know who started using the dog as a fashion accessory? Paris Hilton. Her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, may be the most popular dog in the whole world! Obviously, Paris loves small dogs, because now she has seventeen of them! She designed special clothes for small breed dogs. But that wasn’t enough for her, she also published a book, written as if it were by Tinkerbell, titled “My life with Paris”. And who would believe that a tough guy like Mickey Rourke would spend his time with a Chihuahua? He adores his eighteen year old pet. I think the actor loves that breed of dog, because he has 5 more of them.There are so many celebrities with dogs now, that we would need much more time to say something about all of them. Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Christina Ricci and Jeniffer Aniston, just to name a few, all spend their life with a barking friend. And the best thing is, is that there is an abundance of famous people to adopt dogs without a breed. It would be nice if we could follow them and watch them help the animals.

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