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Who would want to deal with an angry Doberman? These dogs are known as the perfect watch dogs and guardians. You can leave the door open and be sure no one will take the risk to go in. That dog has a large size and it requires a big yard and a house. The apartment will become a cage for that beautiful and strong dog. Dobermans are loved because of their strong protection instincts and their elegant look. People call them “the dog with the human brain”. These dogs are very loyal, stable, and can be the perfect companion. If you think that these dogs are good only for protection of your property, you are wrong. The way it will act or work depends on its owner. Nervous or mean people shouldn’t get Doberman. That dog is like putty, easily molded by his owner’s behavior. We all know about cases with evil Dobermans. They attack people without any reason. We don’t need to blame the dogs because it’s their owner’s fault. That breed of dog is very intelligent.

It needs to be trained. Your dog will want to be with you and watch over you all the time. Dobermans are fighters and that makes them bossy. You need to show your dog that it’s not the pack leader. These dogs aren’t a good choice for the elderly or the very young. The owner of the Doberman has to be calm and stable. That breed is often the champion in agility competitions. Because of their intelligence, they are popular among the policemen. They can be very good therapy dogs. Dobermans need to be busy all the time and their brain has to be stimulated. These dogs are very energetic, and need a lot of exercise. If they use their energy outside, they will be like little angels in the house. You may not believe it, but these dogs love to be cuddled and spoiled. They will want to sleep in your bed or even try to get on your lap. They are known with their ability to recognize when their family is in danger. Dobermans love kids, but just the kids from their family. They are very protective of them, but don’t let your dog with other kids without supervision. Depending on the situation, the Doberman could hurt the kids. The coat of the animal is short. You need to brush it once or twice a week, just to remove the loose fur. Before you get a Doberman think twice. Is that your breed of dog, will you be able to deal with its temperament and will you have time for its training.

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