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Dog Hair Care: The Essential Guides

Take care of dog's coatTaking care of dogs hair is just as important, as taking care of yours. And the most important thing is doing it properly. You can make this a fun game for you and your doggie, the best way to build up a bond of trust between you.
You have to brush or comb your dog daily. Most dogs love being brushed , but if yours is not one of them, don’t worry, it is hoped it will used to it in time. Just remember, no matter the season, that’s the first step for your dog’s beautiful hair.
There are different breeds, with different hair types. If your dog is long-haired, sometimes it can become matted. You have to take care of it right away, otherwise this can hurt your dog’s skin. First try to untangle the mat with your fingers, but, if it’s not working, remove it gently with scissors.

Bathing your dog is like bathing your baby: you have to have all supplies handy , or it can jump away when you’re not looking. Start with the bathing when it’s 3 months old, and then make it ones or twice a month. First wash the legs and the body, and leave head for the end. Wet the hair all the way through his coat , apply shampoo and rinse well. Wring out the extra water and dry with a towel.
Some breeds have both hair and undercoat – fluff. In the spring they’re loosing most of it, so the hair glows with less effort. You can monitor some weight loosing in this period, but don’t worry : everything will pass shortly.
If you can not handle the care yourself, maybe your dog will require professional groomer. That’s important decision, as you have to know what kind of cut suits for your dog. You can always talk with veterinarian if you’re not sure.

Don’t overdo the care. The natural fat released from the glands of hair follicles is important for dog’s hair and skin protection. Always use dogs hair products and apply balm after bathing.
And remember : dog hair care is important both for it’s beauty and its health, so take it serious : make sure you can handle it before choosing the best breed for you.

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