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How to choose a dog for children?

So, you have been settled down with a family and now you want to choose the perfect companion. But how do we choose the right dog for us, and our children? This often becomes a tough choice for potential pet owners. Should we get a very rare breed which is going to take us lots of time to care for? Should we get a puppy, a very young dog, or an adult dog established with habits and manners already? The truth is every family is unique and the right choice depends only on you. You and your family should feel safe with your dog. The pet has to be like a part of your family; you want a dog that won’t bother you with strong bad habits which are going to take you an eternity to correct.



Choosing a puppy has lots of advantages. Infant doggies don’t yet have any manners or habits. They’re like a blank sheet of paper and you are the one who decides what to write on it. They need to be taught where to pee and poo. You will have to definitely invest in some ‘kindergarten’ for young dogs to end up with a very well-behaved one because it’s out the question to leave your kids alone with an unpredictable dog. In addition, your child will get used to a puppy very fast. Your future puppy will need lots of attention and care, almost like a baby. That’s an amazing opportunity! The chance to teach your kid to have responsibility for another being’s life. Kids often forget very easily that all supplies needed to survive – food, water, electricity, clothes, books, toys and so forth – comes from somewhere; from mom and/or dad. They should know that if they want something they’ll have to make an effort and take care of what they really want. In this case, taking care of the dog, giving it food a few times per day, making sure it has water, taking the dog out for nice long walks and playing with it. Besides running and playing with the dog, it is good exercise and a way to escape from the world of computers and TVs. Plus, taking care for a dog will teach how to respect other kinds of animals, too.
Going with an adult dog saves you the time and money involved in educating it, but on the other hand you will miss the chance to get know the dog better, and seeing the dog grow up with your kids. These are some of the most precious memories you could have.
Secondly, I would like to add that choosing the right breed is very important. One very long haired dog, like a Border Collie, is very fun to have – but make sure you give it a lot of thought. How your kid will be able to wash the pet by themselves? How about taking him out and properly controlling it at the park around the other dogs and kids? Let’s not mention the everyday cleaning routine… because of the long hair. Some kids develop allergies from the hair in the future as well. So big, long haired dogs should usually only be chosen by a family with a big house or yard to be more comfortable for both the family and dog. One proper breed for a flat or small rooms and spaces is a Pinscher. The small size and short hair will help the child look after your pet easier. This will create a positive atmosphere and increase the kid’s self-confidence. Dogs that are medium sized with medium length hair are also good too. Your teenager will be feeling absolutely great! The dog will be big enough to play with at the park, or show off to friends without putting it in your pocket.
Last but not least, let’s remember the old saying – “Dog is man’s best friend.” Kids can establish a very strong relationship with the dog. Being able to communicate on this level with an animal is the best way to educate your kids’ inner life and spirit. Your child will be feeling confident, calm and safe. This is very important for their future life.
We should think about how this new potential member of the family will change our life before committing to a dog. Being careful and responsible for a dog is like being careful and responsible for yourself. There’s no right answer what kind of dog to choose. It’s all up to you and your judgment. Life itself will show you the right answer. This animal will bring you only positive emotions and memories in future. Choose the one you like the most. Live with him, create your unique “perfect” family and enjoy this long path of a lifetime family experience.

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