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How to Help Stop Dog Fighting

Stop dog fightingDog fighting is a serious problem. It’s not about “another dead dog”. It’s about the way we raise our children and the way we show them life. Dog fighting isn’t just a game between two or more dogs. It’s a “game” where one of the animals is the winner and the other one is dead. What would we tell to our kids when they ask us “Why did that dog get killed and no one stopped the attacking one?” And why would we want to make our children witness that insanity? The truth is that people can change that. There are some simple rules and if we all follow them, we can make that change together.

The number one rule is to support the laws of our country. There is a law against the animal cruelty in every country. We can show our support by keeping our eyes open for activities including the unlawful killing of animals. If you become a witness of a dog fighting, notify the authorities. If you are one of these active people, you could write a letter and send it to the police station. That should help, because according to Law, dog fighting is a crime and the police must investigate it. Probably, you would get an invitation to go to the police office. Don’t forget to provide all of the information the police would need. Addresses, date, time, and people you have seen, everything is important for the investigation. The next rule is very simple. Be careful with your pets while you are out. Don’t let them off of the leash if you see suspicious people at the park. If you don’t see any fences around, you better keep your pet on the leash.

There are many cases when owners lost their pets. They think the dog ran after some cat or something else, and they would come home. But the truth is that someone captured the dog and wouldn’t want to let it go home. Next rule says “If you can afford to have a dog and you want one, adopt a Pit Bull”. When you adopt one of these dogs, you can be sure you upset someone who wanted that dog for fighting. Adopting a Pit Bull means you’re saving the life of that dog. If you hear that these dogs are a threat and must be killed, don’t believe it. Everything depends on the owner. Usually Pit Bulls who live in families with kids are sweet and nice pets. You help these dogs when you work at the shelter and do everything to find a family for every one of them. To be a volunteer can give you a great feeling of pride. Another one rule says “educate others”. Make sure more people know about dog fighting. Teach your kids that this “entertainment” is primitive and sick. We live in the 21st century. Try to find more information about the problem and spread it around. Every volunteer is important for the cause.

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