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Doberman Dog Breed information

Meet our pal, the Doberman, and let’s learn more about this strong dog, its physical appearance, health issues and others. Lovely Doberman photos!

Yes, you are right, it’s been a while since I told you some bits of info about the Doberman dog breed. Well, our Dog Lovely blog is still under development and we need to restructure it so that you can make use of it. In this sense, yes, I did touch only some quick facts and would rather call the previous post “small talk”.
Now let’s explore the world of Dobermans together.

Doberman – quick facts and information

Country of origin for this dog: Germany
It is: a dog guard / defense, military, suitable for the police forces
Life expectancy: 10 years
Male height: 68-72 cm. approx.
Male Weight: 40-45 kg approximately
Female size: 63-68 cm.aprox.
Female Weight: 32-35 kg approx.

Brief history of the doberman breed

Cute doberman with blue eyesThe Doberman is the only dog breed in Germany which is named after its first breeder, Friedrich Louis Dobermann. He was a night watchman who felt that he would need a brave canine companion that will accompany him during his rounds. Naturally the Doberman breed was create owing to Friedrich’s profession, because he needed an obedient dog that was able to defend.

Unfortunately, there are no precise breeding records for our friend, the Doberman, but many researches prove that it carried the blood of the rottweiler (distinguished for its strength, courage), weimaraner(a breed that is famous for its endurance), the Manchester terrier and German pinscher.

After the decease of Louis, perhaps the Greyhound was used to perfect the Doberman breed by 1899. The Doberman distinguished himself as a military services dog and its health and police of many countries use, nowadays, its many qualities.

General Appearance of the Doberman dog

Lovely Doberman puppyThe dobermann is a medium sized dog, strong and very muscular. This is a dog that has a determined expression on its face and it corresponds perfectly to the ideal image of a dog.

Dobermann’s dog coat is short and hard. It has the advantage of requiring no special maintenance. It is black, dark brown.
Temperament and behavior
The Doberman is very friendly and peaceful. If it is a family dog, it is very gentle with children. Doberman owners will admit that it is easy to train and very devoted to all activities, the Doberman has very effective, courageous and well-tempered character. This canine is very attentive to everything that happens around it. The Doberman Pinscher has a good confidence and it is capable of learning quickly if you treat him/her with love and respect.

In the United States, there are four accepted colors in the Doberman breed. These are: black, red, blue and fawn (also referred to as Isabella).

Doberman Pinscher Health Concerns

Look at these expressive eyes

Doberman with cute expressive eyes

The Doberman health care should be easy since it is generally a very healthy dog, but can be prone to spinal problems, gastric torsion, hip dysplasia and heart problems. Although dobermans need a lot of exercise, these dogs can adapt to living in an apartment if they get long daily walks and games to help them burn their energy. Despite this, they are dogs that will feel better if you have a spacious garden where they can enjoy running and having fun. With a low ability to withstand cold, the dobermann needs a proper place to sleep. If you let it sleep in the garden, you need a very well designed dog house that is free of drafts. Although the dobermann’s coat regularly loses hairs, it still needs a proper care.

Doberman Pictures, Doberman Pinscher photos

Here you will find photos and pictures of the Doberman. We find them very funny and welcoming for everyone who would like to take care of this dog breed.

Thank you for the photos, credits for amurderofcrows , bfraz, cleverdoll , craftbrewcast , fuschia_foot  , rikomatic.

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