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Miracle Milly is World’s Smallest Dog in Guinness World Record

Miracle Milly is World’s Smallest Dog that beats Guinness World Record.

Smallest do in the worldMiracle Milly is said to be world’s smallest dog. This is reported by Guinness World Records. The previous world’s smallest dog was a tiny terrier from Poland.
A cute dachshund puppy has also won the crown of the world’s smallest dog. Yet, the tiny Miracle Milly is the world’s smallest dog only in terms of height.
According to Guinness World Records, Miracle Milly weighs in as low as one pound, its height is hardly 3.8 inches when measured from backbone to paw. Try to imagine those measure and you will see that this is less than the average soup can. In order to win the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest dog, Miracle Milly replaced Boo Boo, a long-haired Chihuahua.
Miracle Milly is a two-year old Chihuahua puppy owned by Vanesa Semler in Puerto Rico. The happy owner shares that when Miracle Milly was born she weighed less than one ounce and fit inside a teaspoon. Miracle Milly was so tiny that her mother couldn’t feed her and the family was concerned whether the little Chihuahua pup will survive. Mrs. Semler took a good care and fed Miracle Milly with an eyedropper every two hours until she grew large enough to feed normally.

Miracle Milly is playing video – see the small princess!
Miracle Milly is tiny and elegant, but now she eats four times a day. Vanesa was asked how people react when they see her small pup. People appear to be quite surprised with the size of the Chihuahua, however, once they play a bit with the Miracle Milly, they quickly realize that this dog has a big personality and is a pet to love.

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