Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is another one dog that has its own opinion about everything. It’s a small dog. If you live in a small apartment, you don’t have to worry about the size of your friend. The place will be comfortable for both of you. That dog can be the best family dog, but only if there are no little ... Read More »

The truth about the Great Dane

breeds of dog

There is no doubt, that the Great Dane is one of the biggest breeds of dog. That animal is tall, big, beautiful, and powerful. It also has a good personality. Sadly, not so many people decide to get a Great Dane. They think they won’t be able to take care of so of such a big animal, they won’t have ... Read More »

Celebrities and Their Dogs

paris-hilton dog

Who said dogs are only for lonely people? In the last few years, we started to see all kinds of pets on the pages of magazines. And they are not alone. Usually they are caught by the photographers with their famous celebrity owners. You may not believe it but celebrities can feel lonely,too. They are people like us and some ... Read More »

Teaching your dog to “drop it”


The “drop it” command is a command every dog who lives in a town needs to know. There are many distracting things and animals. Think about the people, eating their lunch at the park, or the kids playing with balls. And what about the pigeons and everything that is smaller than your dog that moves? Be sure, your little fighter ... Read More »

How to Help Stop Dog Fighting

angry dog

Dog fighting is a serious problem. It’s not about “another dead dog”. It’s about the way we raise our children and the way we show them life. Dog fighting isn’t just a game between two or more dogs. It’s a “game” where one of the animals is the winner and the other one is dead. What would we tell to ... Read More »

What to do if your dog is overweight

fat dog

Obesity in dogs is a huge problem and instead of being generous, just don’t tolerate fatty food. When you eat your lunch or dinner, there are always eyes staring at you. They are filled with love and hope, and you just can’t resist them. So, you give just a little piece of your food to your dog. Every time you ... Read More »

Pregnancy and a dog, is that possible?


It was a few years ago when you got your best friend. Looking at your old, chewed up shoes reminds you of the good old days. After some time, you got lucky and found the right person for you. You lived with him for a while and you were together with your dog. But today, it’s different. Something happened and ... Read More »

What to do with the dog, after the baby arrives


Having a baby means you are ready to take responsibility for a human life. That’s one of the happiest moments in the life. The new family member comes to give full meaning of the word “family”. If you live with a dog, you may feel worried and we are sure many questions pop up in your mind now. Don’t get ... Read More »

Flat Coated Retriever


The Flat Coated Retriever is known as the Peter Pan of the dog world. That dog seems to never grow up. But that makes it the perfect family dog, devoted to the little family members. The Flat Coated Retriever is also a popular dog among hunters. They prefer it, because it loves to chase small animals and birds, and it ... Read More »



The Boxer is the seventh most famous breed of dog in the United States. There is one curious fact about these dogs, the Boxer has the longest tongue among the dogs. This dog is bred from the Old English Bulldog and they are very playful and loyal. These dogs aren’t so big, but they definitely aren’t a small breed either. ... Read More »