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Questions to ask when you are adopting a dog

Adopt a dog - ask the right questionsShelters are dog jails. Thousands of them spend their life closed in cages or rooms, sharing their food and water. That’s why when you decide to adopt a dog from a shelter instead of buying it from a pet store, you are doing great deed. All dogs at the shelters need their own home and family. These animals are ready to give love no matter is the person black, white, or what is his race. It’s strange, people always choose a dog because of its breed or the way it looks. And the dogs don’t care how we look or who are our parents. Only owners of dogs from shelters know that the dog’s love is unlimited. But before you get a dog from that place you need to ask some questions. First, you need to ask was the dog stray or if it had an owner. You will need to know that, because it will give you a good idea about the way of life that dog had before. Where did it live, what were the conditions. If you see some older dogs and you think they are at the shelter, because of behavior problems, you better ask the reason. Sometimes, animals go to the shelter because of owner’s allergies or them moving. You will have to ask how long has the dog been in the shelter. The less time the dog spent in the shelter, the better it will help it with the socialization. If you think, the breed is important for you, ask about it or what do the people think it could be. Usually there is a list of the dogs and their breeds. Sometime, they are pointed like “Lab mix”, or “Bulldog mix”. Try to find out the other half of the mix. May be someone who works at the shelter will share his opinion with you. One of the important questions you have to ask is about the health of the dog.

Does it have some infection, or does it need a special medical treatment. If you already have a pet at home like a cat, another dog, or something else, don’t forget to ask how the dog is acting around other animals and does it show aggression. You can ask the workers there to make an experiment. Bring a cat from the shelter to the dog you want to adopt and watch what will the dog do. You can check its behavior around the other dogs in the shelter. Ask about the personality of the dog. Try to describe the way of life you have, are you living in a house or an apartment, are you alone , or with a family. And in the end, don’t forget to ask about the procedure for adopting and what documents you need to bring to the shelter. After you are sure you will get the dog, don’t forget to promise at yourself you will be a good owner and you will never let the animal go.

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