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A story for super dogs – dogs that will win your hearts

Have you watched the movie ”Cats & Dogs”? You surely know that dogs have amazing talents! Let’s talk about some super dogs stories!

This is an awesome driver

Porter: The driving dog

Have you watched the movie ”Cats & Dogs”? You probably think this is just an unrealistic story for children but in reality there are dogs with amazing, even scary talents. Animals are much more intelligent than we think and we tend to unfairly underestimate them. Here to prove us wrong are three extraordinary dogs.

So, can you imagine driving your car the way home after work and being outrun by a dog?

Porter: The driving dog

SPCA is an organization in New Zealand which helps homeless dogs find their shelter. They formed a team of specialists who were “crazy enough” to decide to teach three dogs how to drive, as written in their own page. They created a special training chair where the “students” learned how to start the car, how to stop, turn, etc. Their preparation lasted about two months.
So meet Porter – the first driving dog. He is a Beardie Cross and he is just 10 months old. Here we have a picture from his driving course and his first experience in the car!
If you still don’t believe, then you can check out Porter’s video and have some fun!

Potato: The mathematical genius

Driving dogMany of us hate mathematics and find it quite difficult. The next dog will make us ashamed. His name is Potato –  a Samoyed living it the Jiangsu province, China. Only two years old, he can add, subtract, multiply and divide without any effort. His owner, Lu Zesheng has taught him to bark as many times as the number of the right answer is. Potato is also very good at memorizing the answers of many different questions as people’s ages and phone numbers.
For the skeptics we have an undeniable proof, just watch the video and you will meet the genius.

Pete: The Extreme Pete

Pete is a skateboarding dog but this doesn’t describe his talent at all. He doesn’t simply ride his skateboard. Pete has learned how to skateboard on a vertical ramp, how to grind and do power slides. When he gets bored of going downstairs on foot, he just mounts on his board unafraid of the bumpy ride. Pete doesn’t only skateboard, he is also very keen on surfing behind his owner’s boat. He definitely deserves his name!
Here are some of Pete’s tricks.

Do you like those super dogs? Do you have a story for a super dog? Comment below or read our story about the strangest looking canines!

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