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Taking Care of a cute chihuahua puppy – what you need to know

Let’s face the truth: every owner of a Chihuahua puppy says that their puppy is the cutest. Well, all Chihuahuas have their specific characteristics that are typical of this dog breed. If you wish to be in a good relationship with your buddy and makes it your best friend, then just start learning how to take a good care of your Chihuahua and raise it to be the best and happiest companion you’ve ever had!

How to find a Chihuahua puppy

lady chihuahuaThe first thing you have to decide is when and how to buy your Chihuahua. You can either buy it from a breeder or you can research different options for adoption. A reputable breeder is the best choice for those who want to show Chihuahua puppies at dogs contests. If you are looking for a family pet, then the adoption of a Chihuahua puppy is the best and I strongly encourage you to go for it.
When it comes to puppies with certificates, the prices of reputable breeders can be very high. This pays off when you are looking for a dog that is ideal for competitions or shows, or if you are looking for a puppy that will not be susceptible to certain diseases. When looking for a puppy from a reputable breeder, make sure that you ask questions to ensure this breeder is the right person to find the puppy you want.

When it comes to getting a family pet, adopting or rescuing a teacup chihuahua is a human gesture and you basically do a favor for the dog you choose. Because of different reasons, thousands of these dogs are in kennels every year. The act of adoption means that you will do a favor to the Chihuahua breed, to the cute puppy itself and you will find your best friend for a lifetime. It’s usually very cheap to adopt or rescue a puppy, especially when compared to buying it from a breeder.

It is very easy to choose the perfect puppy for you family. It depends whether it likes interacting with other dogs and with people. If your Chihuahua seems playful and curious, willing to be touched and held, then I can assure you that you’ve found a great new member for your family.

Perfect recipe for Chihuahua puppy care

Taking good care of a Chihuahua puppy means that you should give all your love and attention. You will be amazed to see how these small dogs protect their family and home. If you show your love and affection, then you will find a faithful companion.
You only need two bowls with water and food, a box that will help with toilet trainin, a brush and some other small supplies. Provide your puppy with love and attention, make sure that this little buddy grows up happy. Of course, a teacup Chihuahua is not going to grow much physically. Some people say that they are cute, because they are small. Yet, I think that this dog breed will provide you with loyalty and love, but it can protect your home, make it a lovelier place or just make your days a real nightmare.

Brief history – Chihuahua dog breed

Chihuahuas date back to 1500 when Christopher Columbus, the Spanish explorer, brought this lovely canine back to Europe. This breed was later introduced to North America in the 18th century, and was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904.
It’s an interesting fact that you should be aware of. Chihuahua originated from the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Below you find some more information how to take care of your chihuhua and make sure you will bookmark this blog, because we will continue providing handy tips to help you care for your small pet on the right track.

From A to Z – the smallest dog in the world

BeinHow to take care of your new chihuahuag the smallest dogs in the world, Chihuahuas are very delicate and they should receive your utmost care and attention. First and foremost, it is important to have enough knowledge about nurturing of newborn Chihuahua puppies.
Hygiene should always come first. Keep the bedding area clean and comfy. Puppies generally need a good and long sleep during the early stage of their life, so avoid disturbing them while they are sleeping.
As your Chihuahua grows, it will start adapting to normal temperatures and maintain a proper body temperature. Yet, little babies need extra care and you should keep a warm temperature at home. Avoid cold drafts in all rooms, because they are detrimental in the early stages of growth.

Keep your puppy away from high areas. Don’t put the puppy on tables, beds or on the sofa. Your supervision is crucial for your healthy Chihuahua. Little babies stay with closed eyes and they are likely to fall and get injured. Keep your little puppy on a flat surface like a warm floor or just make sure that they stay in their own bed.
Make sure that your Chihuahua receives all the nutrients that it needs. The proper nutrients can prevent many dog health problems. Find out what is the best dry food for your puppy, because the right food is important for the good health, growth.
Please, bear in mind that a Chihuahua puppy has a soft skull, and therefore no pressure can be applied to it. This is called “fontanelle”. A molera is a “hole” in a Chihuahua’s head and as I’ve explained it is the same as a fontanelle for human babies. Actually in the past, this “hole” was recognized a mark of purity for this dog breed, and it is still mentioned in most Chihuahua breed standards. All you need to know for now is that the open fontanelle occurs when the bones of the skull fail to meet and fuse. As most vets note, this is usually found on the pup’s forehead. The “hole” is gradually closed and this process is considered usual for this dog breed If the soft spot is large, then your pup definitely needs a vet. There is a disease, hydrocephalus  which is translated as ‘water brain’ and this means that there is an excessive accumulation of fluid within the skull. This fluid affects the normal brain function and may cause severe neurologic disease. Trauma to the soft area may cause serious neurological problems and you should be aware of this. I highly recommend you to read this article which will give more info about the diagnosis Hydrocephalus.

Next step is to remember that you should brush your puppy regularly to remove dead hair and hair entanglement if he / she have longish hair. If it is short in length, brush just once a week.
Cute black and white chihuahua puppyHide electrical objects that could be harmful to the Chihuahua, cover the wires or place all dangerous items out of reach.
Now I have one extra tip for you and it’s useful to know for all puppies no matter what their breed is. Supply puppies with a good collection of rubber toys so they can chew them. Chihuahua have small teeth that this can easily cause the accumulation of plaque, causing heart problems or tooth loss if this is left untreated.
Socialize your puppy with other people and puppies, because you should work on the social behavior.
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