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Teaching your dog to “drop it”

Teaching the drop it commandThe “drop it” command is a command every dog who lives in a town needs to know. There are many distracting things and animals. Think about the people, eating their lunch at the park, or the kids playing with balls. And what about the pigeons and everything that is smaller than your dog that moves? Be sure, your little fighter will run after everything that stands in front of it. In all of these cases, you will need a dog that knows very well what it means to “drop it”. Probably, that command will be harder than any other to teach your dog. The point is your dog to understand that not going for an object can be rewarding, too. The training you need to practice has to become fun for your dog. It will be hard and it will need time. Start with the treats. You will need many of them. Take one of them and show it to your dog. Make sure you have its attention. It needs to be something extremely tasty. You have to be sure your dog would never leave it without trying to get it. After your dog gets excited by seeing and smelling the treat, hide it your hand, closing the fingers.

The dog will start to lick and chew your hand. It will do anything to reach the treat. All the time, you need to stay calm. When you notice your dog is going to stop its trying to get the food, then open your hand and reward your friend. You need to repeat that twice or more for the next 5 to 10 minutes. The dog will understand that sometimes it will get treats for leaving the objects. While you are practicing that, don’t even think to yell or punish your dog. If you do it, it will learn only one thing. That when it gets close to you and licks your hand, you will punish it. You have to do everything you can, so the training of that command has to be great fun. If your dog looks like it doesn’t think to stop trying to get the treat from your hand, it may mean that the animal is too hungry. Don’t teach a dog to “drop it”, before you are sure its stomach is full. The time after the meal is perfect for that command. Your dog will be full enough, but still it won’t deny a treat or two.

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