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The stay command

Train the dog stay commandThe stay command could help you when you are out with your dog, if you need to leave it for a minute until you are at the store, or when you greet friends. It’s a very useful command when your dog is running and it’s going close to the road. A command “stay” could save your dog’s life. Your pet will need to learn what “self control” is. During the training, you have to be the only one who gives the commands. By the end of the course of teaching “stay”, your dog has to stay calm until you say “Okay”. Start the lesson with the command “sit”. You can’t start teaching a dog a “stay”, before it doesn’t know what “sit” and “down” means. After the “sit command”, give the new command “stay”. Use some action to show your dog what you want it to do. It would help if you push gently with a hand on the nose of the animal. While you are doing that, step away from the dog. If it’s still standing, you can give it a treat. Then you need to go to the dog again and say “Okay”. Help the animal understand that “Okay” is a release command. After it starts to move, praise it with a treat. Don’t expect that your dog will be standing for more than 5 to 7 seconds in the beginning. But it will be enough to start understanding what’s the point of that command. After some time, the dog will start to stand calm for a longer time. Don’t forget that you will need to give it treats until it’s staying.

That will help the dog to learn that while it’s staying it will be getting tasty food. If your dog breaks the “stay” before you release it, keep the treat away from it and say “no”. You will need to start the training from the beginning. Remember that when you say “Okay” and you release the dog, you don’t give it some very tasty treat. If you do it, the dog will start thinking that the releasing leads to more tasty food and it will be getting excited every time you say “Okay”. Giving of treats is something that can encourage the dog’s bad behavior. If you notice your dog is too excited, bring it out for a walk or play with it. After you are sure your little friend understands what you want from it, try to give that command when there are things that could distract the animal ( cars, other dogs, or people). If a cat can walk in front of the dog and it’s still standing calm, then you did your job very well. The stay command needs to be taught to every dog.

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