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Tips for Winter Dog Coat Care

Essential tips for taking care of your dog’s coat during the winter season.

Lovely dog in the snowThe winter is almost here and you are perhaps drinking a cup of black coffee while thinking about the preparation. How do you protect your dog from the cold? I have prepared for you some specific skin care tips and advice how to take care of the dog’s coat.



The skin is the dog’s natural protector against external agents so it is important to look after your dog health and make sure the coat protects your friend from wind, cold or rain. Taking care of your pet with following a good nutrition program and hygiene, daily grooming will prevent all hair knots or will allow the skin to breathe well. Excessive moisture or improper brushing can lead to dermatitis. Healthy coat is the prerequisite for a healthy skin, so you should look after both the coat and the skin of your dog, so it is well protected in winter.

Protection against cold and rain

When you go out for a walk in winter, especially for small dogs with short hair, you can protect your pal with a sweater or windbreaker, because these clothes will prevent excessive penetration of cold and humidity. Brush the coat very well before putting on the sweater to avoid knots and after you come back home, just take off the cloth and make sure you brush the dog hair very well.

In the bathroom

Just use a shampoo specifically for dogs and apply some nourishing mask to hydrate specific areas such as nails, feet and beards that are more affected by the cold weather outside. The bathroom in winter is recommended once a month, you can do the treatment at home or go to a canine specialist who will apply better ways to treat the skin and hair of your dog.

Dog hairstyle
White dog in the snowFor easy styling, you should just apply some nourishing conditioner for dog’s coat before you start the grooming. There are sprays or essential oils that help facilitate the maintenance of the hairstyle, they also add some shine to the dog’s coat by creating a protective film which prevents from water and dirt.

Dry the coat

After bathing or when the road is wet on rainy days, it is very important to remove the excessive moisture and prevent skin problems such as dermatitis. Use a towel first and then a suitable dryer temperature at a decent distance to avoid burning your dog’s hair or skin.

Dog grooming and haircuts

In winter you should be careful with dog grooming, because the coat will lose its natural protection. You should just trim the ends and shape the coat without leaving it too short, cutting the fur from the legs area to prevent wetting when it’s rainy outside.
The Natural Vaseline nourishes and protects the skin from moisture and low temperatures. Apply it to the nose of the dog and the feet to prevent cracking and coldness. Remember that unlike us dogs walk through snow, slush, salt and chemicals which may cause injuries to the foot pads if they are not properly protected.
Do you have some special tips? We’d love to share them with us!

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