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What to do if your dog is overweight

Obesity in dogs is a huge problem and instead of being generous, just don’t tolerate fatty food. When you eat your lunch or dinner, there are always eyes staring at you. They are filled with love and hope, and you just can’t resist them. So, you give just a little piece of your food to your dog. Every time you say “that’s the last time”, but you keep doing it. It seems like you aren’t doing anything wrong, but the veterinarians don’t feel the same. That’s one of the reasons for the dog to be overweight. Feeding them leftovers and s not so active way of life cause that weight problem. And if you think that some kilograms make your dog look sweeter, think about its health. The weight problem could lead to other serious dog diseases.

Dog Obesity Symptoms

There are some signs for obesity you need to watch for. Be careful if you notice that your pet eats too much, or it has heavy breathing, or a lack of energy. Usually, fat animals don’t like to move much and they spend the day laying around. The overweight dogs suffer from many diseases like arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems, and heart problems. If you are worried that your dog is overweight, you have to change its way of life. Start the fight against the obesity with a diet.

Feeding an overweight dog – what’s next

You will have to change the amount or the type of the food you’re feeding your dog with. Try to avoid any fatty meat. If you ask your veterinarian for help, he will make a special balanced diet for your pet. Don’t underestimate the exercise either. Your dog will need to do a lot of them. If you can’t make your dog run or jump, than walk with it for at least for 30 minutes twice a day. If you think, the reason for the obesity isn’t the food or the exercise, than you better bring your dog to the clinic for a check up. The obesity could be a sign of a serious disease, like Hypothyroidism, or Cushing’s Syndrome. When you want to show your love to your little friend, try to avoid giving to many treats. Replace them with petting. If your dog is a hound, or it loves to swim, use that. Make it chase little toys or bring it to some place where it can swim. Any activity would help weight loss. If you follow these tips and listen your veterinarian, your dog will lose around two percent of his body fat per week. Never forget that a fat dog doesn’t mean a healthy dog.

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