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What to do with the dog, after the baby arrives

Your new baby and the dogHaving a baby means you are ready to take responsibility for a human life. That’s one of the happiest moments in the life. The new family member comes to give full meaning of the word “family”. If you live with a dog, you may feel worried and we are sure many questions pop up in your mind now. Don’t get paranoid and think clearly. You can’t just leave your dog at some shelter or give it someone else. If you can’t take the responsibility for a dog, than how could you do that with your own kid. What would you reply when your kid asks you what happened to your dog. It’s true, sharing a home with a baby and a dog isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible, either. The first thing you will need to remember is that the little kids are the biggest enemies of every dog. They pull its tail or fur, they try to ride it, and they tease it or torture it. That’s the reason that would make your dog nip at your kid. But before you throw out your pet, think about who’s fault is that nipping? The dog is an animal and one of its instincts is to protect itself. If you think you will be able to train your dog the right way, you will need to start doing that after you got the good news about the pregnancy.

The most important thing is to teach your dog to be more independent. You will need to train it well and make it realize that sometimes it will have to spend the day alone with its toys. You will be busy with your baby, and if you don’t train your pet you will have to deal with a jealous dog. The baby will turn into a toy that steals you from your pet. It’s a good idea to start showing your dog a little doll. Leave it on your bed, or on the chair. You will have to find a way to show your friend that there is a difference between its toys and the baby’s toys. Everything around your baby will have to be clean, including the toys. After your baby arrives, get ready for a sad and angry dog. At first,it will try to get your attention. Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes a day with your pet. After some time, start including the dog in games with your baby. No matter how well trained your dog is, don’t leave it alone with the baby. The dog is an animal, and you could expect anything from it. We all know how much babies loves to explore the world by crawling. Pay attention to where the dog is and the baby is at all times. Don’t let the baby to get close to the dog’s food. And the most important rule says to treat your dog every month for parasites. Don’t forget that the baby will touch everything and after that put its little hands in its mouth. You will have to make sure that the whole house is completely clean. Maybe you feel terrified, and leaving your dog at a shelter seems like the right decision. But it isn’t, could you live with the fact that this animal is now without the only home it ever knew? We all are tired of reading about dogs looking for a new home because of a new baby in the family.

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