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Why you should enjoy playing with your dog

Why you should enjoy playing with your dog

Do you want to have a lovely dog in a good mental and physical shape? Keep reading and learn why you should start playing with your dog right away!

Playing with your dog

Playing with your dog keeps the mind of your favourite mascot active. Besides playing with your dog is a true fun for both of you. If you have this picture in front of you: the back part of the body raised, the front legs stretched out on the floor, the mouth is open, the tail is raised and perhaps it is moving from one side to the other and the dog is jumping from side to side with loud barking, then definitely our dog is inviting us to play.
Through games you can enrich and improve the quality of life of your dog while satisfying their need to be a part of a social group and provide physical, mental stimulation which is so necessary for the proper dog’s sense of well-being.

Active games with your dog prevent boredom

There are behavioral pathologies because of this boredom like nibbling dog’s feet, legs, tail, the carpet or other household objects especially when the dog is left alone. Some even start barking when their owner is not at home and this can be very annoying to for neighbors and can lead to serious problems.
A canine which does not play could become quite lazy, inactive and then could become very excited when you return home or you have guests. If you play with your puppy when it is still young, then this could maintain its mind sharp and ensure that it is a good physical shape.

Encourage playing games for your puppy

How to play with your puppyThrough games puppies learn how to become adults, to hunt, to chase, to grab and keep their natural abilities and their survival instinct.
The dog’s brain will be developed up to 12 weeks after its birth and games are a necessary stimulus for this growth. It is recommended to start playing simplest games in order for the puppy to learn rapidly and you can easily train it for being playful by giving small treats such as some food, a cookie, praise the dog or just give the ball which it wants so much.
Use balls, balls with strings or leather bones that are specially designed for your pet, and these could be eaten without posing any health risk for your mascot. I recommend you to use also soft toys or balls with holes as you can fill them with treats or food. These are something that will excite your dog as they have a specific smell and give the dog the satisfaction to hunt their own food. Once such an item is caught, the dog will enjoy licking it to the last piece and definitely this is a good entertainment for dogs of all ages. When the dog is an adult, you can show it how to jump over fences and other obstacles, but make sure there is no danger while jumping.

How to practice exercise with an elderly dog

Swimming is another great exercise especially for older dogs, because the water absorbs any pains and comforts them.
There are dog breeds which particularly enjoy being in the water such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Cockers, Springers Spaniels. However, we cannot forget that all existing races share the same source so that the smelling, finding out and catching are things that they all like.
For older dogs mental stimulation and daily mild exercises and participating in any game will improve their quality of life. Yet, games should be shorter and less intensive.
Studies show that those dogs that enjoy a good diet, proper exercise for their age, size and physical condition, suffer less physical and mental deterioration. We guarantee its longevity, a good reason to play with them as much as possible!
So play and have fun, playing will make you and your dog feel good and happy!

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