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Yorkshire Terrier


One of the most popular dogs in the USA is the Yorkshire Terrier. His vision and his character make it one of the best companions for lonely people. The Yorkshire Terrier is a brave, energetic, and lovely dog. It may lay on your lap pretending that it’s sleeping, but in the next minute it starts barking because of a strange noise or someone approaching the door. It is a very sweet dog and people describe it as a little dog with a big personality. The size of the dog makes it the perfect choice for a small apartments. If you decide to get a Yorkshire Terrier, you have to be ready to be followed by the little guy everywhere. That dog gets close to the person who takes care of it. It needs your attention and love, but be careful. If the dog thinks that he’s the boss you’ll be in trouble. There’s nothing worse than a spoiled Terrier. When you choose a place where your pet will sleep, think twice before you put the dog’s bed near to the bathroom. The Yorkshire Terrier must stay away from wet places. That dog acts and thinks like a baby. It needs your complete attention, and it knows how to get it. That’s why it’s not the right choice if you have kids. The dog will see that it has to share your attention with your kids and very soon it will turn into a little, mean animal, chewing your shoes and trying to bite everyone who gets close to you. The coat of the Terrier is long and you need to be ready to brush it twice every day.

You can cut the coat, but the dog would lose its beautiful and unique look. It’s true that you wouldn’t need to brush it every day, once a week would be enough. If you are a person with many friends, you don’t have to worry about getting this dog. The Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t mind your guests, but only if they don’t have four legs. That dog is very jealous and won’t let other pets on its territory. If you get a Terrier, you won’t need to worry about mice and little insects. That dog will chase everything that moves and will stop only after it gets the enemy. If you decide to teach your dog of some commands, it won’t be so hard. The Yorkshire Terrier is a very intelligent dog and learns easily. It’s also one of the best watch dogs. It will never let a stranger surprise you. The size of the dog isn’t big enough to protect you, but at least you’ll have your own personal “doorbell”.

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