Your dog's health is our priority, and we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to keep your furry companion in top-notch condition.

Welcome to an independent advice and essential fact website about dogs with a keen focus on natural & sustainable solutions for all kinds of dog related care and concerns.  

Overall, you’ll see our aim is simple: make advice available that is both equally useful for potential dog owners and those who have enjoyed years of canine companionship!

We know that whether you have a mongrel, crossbreed or purebred, access to knowledge is essential to ensure a happy relationship with its human family.

And like humans, dogs may become ill and have accidents. So we don’t shy away from topics often overlooked, like the problems associated with the declining years, when the dog looks to its owner for extra loving care.

We also know that puppies are a unique but important time in a dog’s life. So we’ve dedicated an entire section to give your dog the best start to life, with advice to prepare you for your new parental role, so he or she grows into a well-adjusted, loving and loyal companion!

Our natural focus on nutrition and care

Research suggests pet owners face challenges in discovering the best diet to feed their pets.

Pet owners are now saying no to:

  • Preservatives
  • Highly processed food
  • Toxins (from the mold that grows on corn and other grains)

And saying yes to:

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Super foods
  • Whole grains
  • Dehydrated food

So if you’re focusing more on product labelling and ingredients… You’re not alone. (And in the right place!)

We’ll undercover the best foods, treats and nutraceuticals so you don’t have to.

Join us on our journey

DogLovely is also trying to build a community of dog owners around the world to share experiences, advice, and just lovely pictures of their companions!!

You’ll find readers pictures and stories crop up alongside our own growing number of articles and videos. We aim to do interviews with experienced trainers and nutritionists to offer you the as many perspectives and advice available out there.

So if you have any unique experiences or perhaps a professional in the canine world, don’t hesitate to contact us below to help get your message out!

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