Japanese Chin

Did you know that there is a dog that acts more like a cat? You may not believe it, but yes there is such a dog. It is the Japanese Chin. That dog has a small size and that makes it a very good choice if you live in a small apartment, but you still think there’s space for one four legged friend. That dog will be the perfect fluffy ball for cuddling. But don’t think you’ll be able to do what you want with that dog. The Japanese Chin will let you take it on your lap, but only if it wants. That dog loves attention. Be sure, it will do anything just to catch your mind. If you are a busy person and don’t have much time for walks, the Japanese Chin will understand you. But don’t forget that you’ll have to bring your friend out at least once a day.

Your dog won’t need a lot of exercise, but definitely it will need sunlight and fresh air. The Japanese Chin isn’t a dog that needs a lot food. You can leave food in its bowl for the whole day, or twice a day. If you have a dog from that breed, you’ll have to know that very low or very high temperatures could kill it. If it’s too hot, leave water near to your dog. If it’s too cold, better not bring it out. The coat of the Japanese Chin is long, white and black,or white and brown.

You need to brush it twice a day, or even more. That dog isn’t the right choice if you, or your kids have some allergy. The fur could make it worse. If you think you’ll train your Chin easy, forget about that. It’s more likely, the dog will train you. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that your pet doesn’t want to listen. The Japanese Chin is known as being stubborn.

People say that this dog is like a cat, because of its behavior. You may see it hiding behind the sofa, or trying to climb very often. Like a true cat, your dog will jump on your lap, begging for your attention. If you get a Japanese Chin, you have to be sure that no one will come to your home without an invitation. That little guy is very protective and warns his owner every time when a stranger shows up. That dog breed is the perfect choice for your kids. It’s charming, lovely, and happy all the time. It’s very good companion and can get close to the whole family.

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