Miniature American Eskimo Dog

The Miniature American Eskimo Dog is known as a dog with its own opinion. It’s not so popular, but not because people don’t like it. It’s still one of the most expensive breeds of dogs. Not everyone can afford to have an Eskimo. However, that dog is very beautiful, playful, and a good companion. Its size is small and that makes it the best pet for an apartment. Before you get an Eskimo, you have to know that this little fluffy ball will try to get all of your attention. The Miniature American Eskimo Dog is a family dog. It gets close with every member of the family.

They are very smart and intelligent dogs. The good thing is that the Eskimo doesn’t need so much time to start understanding your commands. The bad thing about these dogs is that you’ll have to find time to spend with them. That dog likes to be busy with something every moment. Its brain must be working. If it feels bored even for a minute, then the little white show will become mischievous and noisy. If you don’t give enough cuddles and love to your Eskimo, get ready to find your shoes chewed.

These dogs may look very little, but when they decide they can be very destructive. The Eskimo dog needs time outside for playing and running. If you run every morning, you can bring your dog with you. It’s interesting that these white and little buddies love to play in the snow. Winter is their favorite part of the year. If you let them out, they can play in the snow for hours. These dogs don’t mind sharing their home with other pets. If you want to get a cat, that won’t be a problem. But any other little intruder, like a bird or a mouse, will be chased away. The American Eskimo can be a true friend for your kids.

If you are going to have a baby in the family, don’t worry about this dog. All you need to do is to introduce the new family member as soon as possible. The Eskimo is very protective of its family and home. That makes it one of the best watch dogs. It will bark every time when a stranger comes to see you and if the dog doesn’t like the person, it may try to bite him. If you decide that the Miniature American Eskimo is your dog, you need to know that this dog could be very stubborn. But if you share your time and love with it, you’ll have one smart and well trained friend.

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