The happiest dog in the world say hello to Champ

If you are ready to see the happiest dog in the world – head to the photo gallery!

20-year-old Candice Sedighan was recently sent by Yahoo! to New York City to do a short interview about her incredibly sweet photography. Two days ago, Flickr posted that interview on their blog, sharing the exciting behind-the-scenes story about the lovely dog that appears in most of her photo stories. That?s right, you can see our pal below. Sedighan?s photos feature a very happy and a lovely golden retriever. 10-year-old Champ is by no doubt not only a lovely, but a lucky dog.

You can see it from the photo gallery below, Champ is surrounded by bubbles, autumn leaves and butterflies.
Candice told Flickr that her desire was to capture the true essence of dogs and find out how they are always happy. Candice shared that during the time Champ was with her, he was just full of happiness and you can definitely feel it from the photos.
Sedighan confirms that the photo, showing Champ with a butterfly on his nose, is not some Photoshop magic. I love these photos and it seems to me as if Champ is smiling.
Is it so easy to be happy and take the life to its fullest? I don?t know, just take a look at the photos and share with us what makes your dog happy!



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