How to take care of Chihuahua puppies

Let’s face the truth: every owner of a Chihuahua puppy says that their puppy is the cutest.

Tips for taking care of newborn puppies without a mother

Puppies are among the most adorable things on the planet. But life is cruel, and it doesn’t care about sweetness or beauty.

(Revealed) – Goat milk good for newborn puppies (Yes or No)

A lot of dog owners use goat’s milk in homemade diets as it contains a plethora of nutrients and is easier to digest than cow’s milk.

Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Newborn Puppy with Milk

If you are not If sure what to do, what kind of milk to try and how to proceed, you’ve come to right place to find out!

Goat Milk Replacers for Healthy Puppies

Goat milk has a plethora of advantages for adult dogs as it’s more nutritious than cow’s milk. Can I give my dog goats milk?

Best Natural Flea Collars for Puppies

Fleas can be a real pest for you and your dog. Although adult dogs can be given ‘œspot-on’ topical treatments, flea collars, and oral medication.

Avoiding a Dehydrated Newborn Puppy

A newborn puppy normally requires around 30 ml of canine milk replacer for every ½ pound of body weight each day.
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