How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Have Puppies?

Whether it’s to promote or prevent reproduction, or maybe even answer candid questions from kids!

Himalayan Dog Chew Ingredients

Long-lasting dog chews for a pooch that loves to gnaw, you’ve probably come across Himalayan chews.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Chicken?

Chicken is a common ingredient found in many dog foods. However, that’s not to say that this meat can’t cause problems in dogs.

Pumpkin Vs Sweet Potato for Dogs

Sweet potato is popularly used in replace of white potato in dog food as it’s more nutritious, healthier, and less likely to trigger allergy symptoms.

Home Remedies for Dog Allergies to Try Today

Having a dog with allergies is not uncommon and pet owners spend a lot of time and money visiting multiple vets to try and solve their dog’s allergy.
Natural Remedies

3 Easy Types of Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing with your dog on daily basis is of fundamental importance for your relationship with it in terms of building trust and quality time.
Dog Care & Exercises

Fun & easy games to play with your dog

One of the best things in owning a dog is the fact that you can play with it whenever and wherever you want. You can play out in the open in the park.
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All you need to know about the size of Americano Eskimo

Similar to the Samoyed and Spitz breeds the American Eskimo is one of the fluffiest, most soft-coated and majestic looking canines out there.
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Can a Bernese mountain dog live in an apartment?

The Bernese Mountain dog is indeed a big dog. And most people will argue that apartment living isn’t suitable for big dogs.
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